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Electrical Panel Upgrade

  Knutson Electric - electric meterFrom flickering lights to breakers that are constantly tripping, older electrical systems may not be up to dealing with the demands of modern appliances and technology. While your home or office's electric system was sufficient when the building was constructed, today's high-tech equipment and appliances use more and more power--and your electrical system simply can't handle the increased demand. But the good news is that you don't just have to deal with an underperforming electrical system: call Knutson Electric today to learn about electrical panel upgrades and your power problems. Our team of experienced, qualified electricians can help your home or business get the power it needs!

An electrical panel upgrade is your answer for updating your building's electrical system, increasing its ability to handle the power demands of modern technology. At Knutson Electric, our professional electrical contractors can assess the current state of your electric system and then make expert recommendations on a customized electric panel upgrade service designed to ensure all of your power needs are met. These electrical service upgrades may include not only switching out your electric panel but also replacing your meter socket and upgrading the wires between the meter and panel. We also provide breaker panel repairs for systems that have been damaged.

With our 30 years of experience in the field, Knutson Electric has the skills and expertise you can rely on for both professional electric panel upgrade plans and safe, complete electrical panel upgrade craftsmanship. So whether your existing electric panel is damaged or simply isn't providing you with the power you need, our pros are here to help. Our electrical contractors will walk you through the process, ensuring you understand this somewhat complicated issue and providing you with the information you need to make educated decisions about the electrical panel upgrades for your property. At Knutson Electric, we're here to bring you the very best in customer service as well as quality workmanship in electric service upgrades. Have questions? Just call or e-mail today. We'd love to help.

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